Sunday, October 11, 2009


This Sunday I used the stillness of home to finish my homework to tomorrow's Drawing and Painting lesson, One of this days I also will display it here. The one bellow it was a sketch that I did in Shuby's house a week ago, The Sunflower is a majestic flower leaving nobody indifferent, overall my eyes. Its stature can easily surpass any human, at all levels. It is similar to us even in its needs for Sun. So this specimen attracted Van Gogh as myself :)

The morning I went to the mass, It gave me internal peace just enjoy the feeling of been calm. At the same time Olivia was in the park with mum. I believe Olivia she would not be too exited into the church.


Anonymous said...

Bolas, tu não páras de surpreender-me com os teus talentos!

Um beijinho
Ana Rita

krishna said...

amazing helder! those classes are working miracles! miss all of you! kisses to justyna and olivia, hope your well, see you soon! xxxxx