Monday, October 5, 2009

Pale day

I have not done much today but now in the end I am so tired, It is back pain, headache, asthma. I still hope it is not shaping any flu. It is never a good time :) Today it was more difficult to enjoy the drawing class because of my dizziness. All my exercises come as an abstract figures.
The days also will get different colour to Olivia since today because her cousin and mate is around, They have a lot to speak.
Tomorrow I am going to the hospital to do endoscopy, and find out how is the stomach healthy.

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Anonymous said...

A nossa Olivia já parece uma senhora sentada a ler um livrinho! que por acaso está de pernas pró ar, mas tb não será problema pois acreditamos que ela é uma mocinha muito dotada! grande beijão daqui da malta: Ju+Zeca+Ana+Nini