Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Friday

A long Friday but also fat we had today. The day was filled with Hospital, I had my first appointment with the physiotherapist, She looked very human as well as professional, what made me very happy as it looks that we will spend sometime together in the swimming pool :) It is true after Algarve I am back to the pool in this case of the Royal Free Hospital. She checked my back and she said that my back pain it might be related with some pronounced scoliosis that could be already shaped before the operations or not, But also she sees that my muscles on the back has rotated and are very tough, this is because of the intrusion of the operations, So the plan is to work the soft tissue to be more flexible. Next Thursday I will start o dive in the pool, I am already taking out the swimming uniform and the havaianas from the luggage.

In the same day I met other friend, Dr Dermatology, She told us that from the results they have from the biopsy to the scalp showed that is not a Cancer neither a Neuroendocrine, It could be a fungous, but she does not know which kind, When she will have all the details she will tell me witch medicine I should take it. At least less one Cancer to disturb us. Nevertheless because I was already in the Hospital I toke advantage to work in the our main fight, against the new Neuroendocrine, so I chased the appointment to the Endoscopy, in good time I did it, because it was booked for November, but after my explanation they gave me a new appointment already for next Tuesday.

Thereafter to calm down all the agitated day before we went home we went to met Pedro, a new Portuguese friend that I met a couple of weeks, It was a relaxing tea time. After only time to go home and having a lovely diner in the company of our friends Maria, Joseph and Gabi. It is funny that unconscious I am calling already home to Shubhy's house.
Kisses to Lucas as he goes now for is second week of been among us, He must be brave.

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