Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hormones must be crazy

With a very cost we managed to go out in the afternoon, I was very tired because of the high sugars. The body is such a machine, now that the body knowing I am about to have another surgery my sugars went again to high values, The chemicals in collaboration with the brain are the owner of my body. Is that small nervous and distress that even, that we think are in control but there is something deep that manages what we think are in control of. All my problems started with the hormones and continues with the same hormones. As you know the Cancer that I am suffering is related with the dysfunction of the hormones that started in the Cells that produce the insulin in the Pancreas and now has the continuation in another gland that is responsible for more hormones. Additionally, now when I want to fight the crazy hormones are those chemicals that some days brings me the tiredness and the bad mood turning more difficult the job. They are crazy but I am stubborn, so this is a game for a long time :)

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Ana Cristina said...

Olá principe e princesas!

Ficámos muito contentes com os resultados da biopsia :D

Agora vamos lá continuar fortes e corajosos e derrubar essas hormonas...

Muitos beijos

prima Ana e Ezequiel