Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fairy godmother

The next week that is approaching reserves and is promising a lot of highs and downs to us, nevertheless I hope more highs than any other thing else, But of course from our experience we already know that the reality is normally distant from what we want and desire. It is the week when Justyna is celebrating her birthday, and also I will meet the Oncologist where I will listen from his voice the next stop. This appointment hopefully will take us out from this limbo, stack without knowing where to turn, just counting the days. I guess and evaluating from Olivia's secretiveness and business in her kitchen some of our future has been cooked there. She is using some of her secret superpowers, not stopping mixing spices and aromas what I am sure will ended up in a divine solution for all our troubles. We already learnt to believe in her hands as in the touch of her magical wand.

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