Monday, October 26, 2009

Auspicious day

Different things make me believe in a good day for tomorrow, the day that I will see the surgeon Dr Fusai, I do not want to have too much expectations, but at least the surgery would be scheduled. It is ridiculous but I would like to plan something ahead.

Early in the morning I moved to another physiotherapy session in the hospital. I have the slight sensation that have been some improvements in my back since I started, at the moment I am not taking pain killers and in the last days the pain has not been so present, I hope this is true and not only a sensation or hope.

Later we went to Veena's house to stay all day and night with her family, opportunity to see again Krishna as she come down to London. Olivia was out of her, She loves to spend time with Krishna and with Ben.

The day was great, we all enjoy the wonderful food and watched all the programs exhibited so far of Life, from the brilliant David Attenborough, It was a fantastic display of gracious from the all animals kind. Inspired by that but much better was the festival of three mammals taking a bath together. That is truth all our three elements from the family Assuncao could enjoy a bath together for the first time, The size of our bath never allowed us for this extravaganza. The young calf Olivia could restore her energies close to parents.

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