Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Granda trunfa

So today we woke up still attached to this limbo and looks that we will into that at least for one more week, From the yesterday's surgeon Dr Fusai reaction it looks like he will do the operation, It is strange but if necessary I will beg for that surgery. But nevertheless he wants to check all the new details with the Oncologist Dr Tim Meyer. Justyna even if she likes Dr Fusai very much, because of his brilliants operations against me or better my body and also for his strong resemblances with Richard Gere, nevertheless I believe she cannot hide some jealous from himself, in the end of the day the Dr surgeon knows me much better inside, literally until my entrails, than Justyna will know me at any time.
If in the last couple of days the pain in the back diminished but another pain appeared, and in last night was very strong. The pain is in the downer abdomen, probably in the bowels. About that the doctor yesterday said that after this kind of operations that I been submitted it is normal to the bowels take more than a year to gets the perfect position. I hope a lot of teas will sort out the problem soon.

Today Justyna was very happy because finally she received her parcel with Polish books, now she can read her preferred author, Gombrowicz.

Meanwhile I am competing with Olivia to see who will get the longest hair.

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