Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The perfect leaf

The gray days start to be a strong test to my strengths, mentally more than physical I am feeling in the verge and I know that I cannot give that away in this long fight. Everyday looks like a cycle that on the other hand is closed in another bigger cycle. I am sure that I will find an end for this. The patience and cold blood are more than just a words they are pivotal to deal with Cancer.

Indoors, we decided to not renew our tenancy agreement, the place is fine but there is too much humidity, Thus, we are up to leave at 4 December, Now urges the time to find another house. In spite of we are all busy and I probably have an operation booked for next month, but our healthy is also very important and the mold that we can find in the walls scares me.

Olivia likes to go out and any regular walk down the street for her is a discovery of the full world, She always finds a special leaf from the thousands in the floor, and she looks knowing everybody outside waiting to be invited for a tea.

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