Friday, October 30, 2009

Polish ahead

When I did not expect here I am again in bed, fighting this permanent pain and indisposition that appeared in the beginning of the week. I found lying on the bed the best place to relax and control the discomfort. If on Tuesday I will still have this I will speak with the surgeon to ensure again if this is normal.

Meanwhile, we canceled our booking to go to Poland in Christmas, the panorama changed since the time we booked the flight in August. Now, I am waiting for a likely operation even if I still do not know when. But, fortunately we got the refund of the tickets because the flight has also been disrupted, It was lucky.

In other part of the World Olivia has now the Walking process in her pocket, fortunately the Portuguese and Polish people moves the same way, as almost our ancient parents-the primate Ape. So, this made easier for her to learn how to walk. It is funny to witness her developed skills, not just walking and running with the other animals in the savanna, but also, doing already the first steps jumping from branch to branch, In the end of the day is in the trees where also her hairy father found more comfortable to live or survive. I am proud of her.

Unfortunately in the Language her life is more complicated than in the walking process, The Polish and Portuguese uses different grunts to express their selves. Olivia is still very confuse about which language she should start to speak, if Portuguese, Polish or English, And it is in this sphere where my primate relation with Justyna is cracking. There is a serious conflict between us related with each language should go firstly. I am upset because I think the Polish is now ahead.

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