Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alarm ringing

Well, as expected and according with my sources the day woke up beautiful, Even if the Sun was not so strong as once was, nevertheless the sky was completely naked, only a small point like an Olive, could be seen and shining in the sky. So much I was expecting to this day to go to the swimming pool of the Royal Free Hospital, almost half hour before to my appointment and I was already in the waiting room. The physiotherapist pass nearby and told me to wait a minute, It was almost time for my first Hydrotherapy, But unexpectedly at the exact time for my class instead of somebody call for me, the main alarm of the building starts to ring, A strong noise spreads through all the corridors and I guess it could be listen in all 14th floors. In the first seconds I stood still in my chair and I thought it can be some joke or an exercise only to test a new equipment, but No :( Becky, my physiotherapist came to tell me and to everybody to evacuate the Hospital. So in seconds everybody agglutinated in front of the main door, and in each second the pile of people was getting bigger. At this time I started to doubt about my today's session, whether would be possible to do it or not, But at this time Ms. Becky found me in the crowed and said to me to come tomorrow morning, there will be one vacancy for me. It is very unluckily to be another day like today here in London, but not all has been wasted, I just need to wait for tomorrow.

There is something that has been disturbing my night sleeps in the last year, as you can imagine, one of the reasons is the dreams, special the bad ones, It is recurrent the dreams about some exams I need to perform in the University in order to finish the degree, Often I realised that I have not finished a class, therefore I need to go back to school to have the diploma, most of the time is Maths that is missing. I am debating into myself what does this means, why this kind of dreams and not something more realistic, something about Cancer. I searched in Freud's theories but nothing relevant been found, the only clue I found it was in a doubtful book about interpretation of dreams, It says dreaming about examinations is usually connected with self criticism and the need for for high achievement. After that, this book has increased its value to me.

Speaking about books it was a shame that it was not yet this year that Philip Roth got the Nobel Prize for literature, This in spite of my tempts to influence the committee, Few weeks ago I spoke about him here, but nobody listened me.

The afternoon I been at home, watching a movie of Wallace & Gromit at the same time Olivia, Justyna and family been in Town, They arrived now and I can see all are very tired.

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