Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sub Human

Today I had another routine exam, Now it was the Gallium scan, First of all it was injected into my body some radiative tracer, in order to afterwards the scanner obtain the disease tissue. The process is quite long, It takes almost one hour to the radiative liquid does the desired effect and be ready to go inside the scanner room, Like a machines house in the cheep. In this time of waiting I lay down in a couch, and slowly I witnessed myself transforming in a lizard without superpowers, The colours were constantly changed and I went almost unnoticeable for the staff. The time was long but I used fruitfully reading the immoralities of The picture of Dorian Gray. For a while I did not wanted to be called and only stayed there and see all the picture.

As all you know we are already mature and senior in this issues of Scans, So nowadays whenever we have any commitment in the hospital we try to do the day as much more pleasant as it possible. Actually I think we are all happy with our visits to the hospital. Of course we only go as a family, they do not leave me to go alone, So we have our breakfast together, after enjoying our trip through London, Sometimes as today Olivia has her sleep. But the best is always after, When I finish my sessions we have always our dream meal outdoors and park when possible and there are energies for that, Today we had a lovely noodles meal and stooped in a book shop in King's Cross, this it was a demand from Olivia.

The good new is tomorrow there is another scanning, the FDG PET. The family will be in the UCL Hospital there again.

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