Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In the last week I become more like a Owl, going to bed late, but not as a nocturne animal I am up from the bed also earlier because of the small hatch Olivia. Olivia has increased the expenses associated to her growth, today we found our camera broken what I suppose it was her job, If somebody knows an insurance for babies as exists for pets, please let me know. Accumulating to this is also the new habitat where we needed to get used to live, the disorganization and untidiness is the most important element to her and ours survival.

It is in the night where I found the concentration and humour to sit down and read. Not before 3.00 AM I am going to the nest. I found the Night a very altruistic being, She never rests when the others do, She only takes time off during the Day.

The book that I read despelote an Indignation in myself against all the imposed morals, Indignation against the prejudice, Is a hymn to the meeting of cultures, religions and races. What could be better than to discover the richness of our similar, and what can be more stupid than doing wars for the sake of colonization and mistaken that superiority with stupidity.

I am Indignant seeing so many people doing superhuman efforts to keep other people alive and others fighting for their lives, sometimes just for one more moment, And then existing others doing nothing than create and feeding wars, Looking only for their own comfort, Those are the tumors and Neuroendocrines of the society.

I do not know why I like the books from Phillip Ruth, because all is tragic, even the good is captured by the bad, There is almost no hope. Probably because often its environment is Hospitals.

In the afternoon finally after ours holidays we managed to meet Jane and John in Jane's house, It was a very good time, relaxing and a lots of laugh. Even, after more than a year I tried for the first time a beer, But it was without alcohol :)

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