Monday, September 21, 2009

Ola Lucas

The last year has been hard but I have the consolation of throughout this time some little loves has come through life. I can recall my cuisines Daniel and Ruben, Maria from Patricia & Miguel and now very fresh Lucas from Filipe & Claudia. The last two for coincidence cuisines of each other.

I was so happy to know that Lucas arrived yesterday evening, Finally one good news in that terrible weekend, It might be the starting of something good. Olivia is already better today. I can imagine how much Lucas' parents should be happy as well. He has big resemblances with Filipe like if Filipe would woke up after a long sleep. Lucas is so sweet. Welcome, Olivia also cannot wait to hug you.

Filipe is not a friend of childhood but I feel him as a brother, He has been always present when I needed. The arriving of his soon has a special meaning for all our family.

Today is to celebrate, so no tears or sadness :)

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