Friday, September 11, 2009

Today I am American and also Indian

The day was taken to travel to the centre. We went to Tavistock Square to pick up a Camera that someone from Freecycle was giving away, Now we had our camera half broken we are trying to replace it, nevertheless that camera was also broken, so we straight gave to an old shop of cameras in Camden, I hope he could repair and make use of it or sell it.

But this trip was an excuse to all of us go to Camden, there we could go through all the charity shops, and there are a lots. This shops normally sells second hand goods that people voluntary has offered, The money resulted is going to nobles causes. I liked very much the concept and is there where I found most of my books. Also Olivia instead of dressing Zara or Dulce Cabana often dresses Oxfam or Scope. But is in the Cancer Research where I prefer to go, because of the discount I am entitled :) I would like it. The only thing that made me upset was to see that this shops also are already selling Christmas cards. Unforgiven.

Close, in Tavistock Square my thoughts went to all who died in tragic circumstances, It was here where innocent people died after a double decker bus explosion, This sad events contrasts with the calm transpired by the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Definitely today was a day of contrasts, as I could called also here the events of 9-11. It past today 8 years from that long day. It is hard to know that people died for no reason, The lesson from Gandhi, no violence and simplicity is still a very hollow words in our society. Today I am American and also Indian.

In the evening we were playing all together and I was so happy when in the middle of a play I realized that Olivia will be our joy forever, she will not be like a book that we enjoy but which has an end, instead She will be our Fun until the infinite.

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