Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It is true what I am facing is horrible and unpredictable, but also for sure I have with me the most important to beat it in the long run, I have my mate Olivia always closed to me, She makes me laugh, makes be happy, makes me proud, when all of you and even me would though this as impossible given the circumstances.

A friend of mine was telling to me that Olivia and Justyna was a gift been given to me to help me surpass and mistake the destiny. Without that two pearls I can not see me keeping fighting, The disillusion and sadness would already took over of any hope and joy for living or better surviving.

But this trio wants to do History and go behind the Everest together. Today our refuge moved to Shubhy's house and now Tazz is beside us everyday. We wish a great time to Shubhy, Neal and Ryan in India, and special enjoy the Sun in Goa, I heard also the Food are gorgeous or this would not have some Portuguese influences.


Anonymous said...

querido primo e queridas princesas

belas fotos, gostei muito de vos ver
desejo muito que melhores noticias surjam brevemente
"mais uma batalha para vencer a guerra..."
muitos beijos saudosos e de coragem
prima Ana

Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

Que o vosso amor vos dê muita força para esta noa etapa nesta caminhada!!


Carla Damásio