Monday, September 28, 2009

Black sheep

So great the first drawing and painting course day, only the tiredness of been so long time standing up drawing the model cooled down my enthusiasm. Since the very beginning I understood my condition of be the black sheep of the group, All of them probably draw for a long time and even there is one outsider student that uses only abstract techniques. Therefore I am left alone in my work, trying to scratch all the different positions of a model that is posing all the 3 hours class. Next time I also would like to experiment to draw a female model, nevertheless we have the inhibition of a having a student that for religious reasons does not tolerate nudists poses :(
I want my money back.

To understand in which stage I am, I would say that during the time we are drawing the teacher passes around us, and often she tells It is great, fantastic, what a style, But whenever she comes to me she only offers me an ambiguous silence, but in the end when she criticised all the draws from us it was more clear what did her silences meant, as she told me that my draws done with my right hand and the ones with left hand are quite similar. I think this is not a compliment :) But next week we will be there again.

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