Sunday, September 13, 2009


The normality had came again, meaning the unstable weather is now sat above London. Thus, our days are commuting partially from outdoors to indoors. Olivia bought a huge job, she has in her shoulders the responsibility to built the Tower of Babel, She has just started today and for now is not going too bad, she reach already the high of our 4th floor flat, Until the sky the distance it still considerable but feasible. She does not say a word while she is in her endeavor what make me believe she is under the anathema. Potentially she could use several languages but she is not able to speak any at the moment.

Regarding to myself, probably to attenuate the differences between me and Justyna and Olivia I am more than ever interested in everything from the East Europe, I am been reading Gorky Park, to have an idea about the miserable life this people had during the time of Stalin, unfortunately it was not only the Russians who suffered but also all the East countries and namely the Poles.

This open the window for an actual discussion around the roll of the Nazis and Soviets and their contribution to initiate the second World War, For me the difference between Nazism and Communism or Stalinism if you want are tenuous. Both killed millions of humans in their hands. German started the war by its East board invading the weakest point, Poland, But of course Russia has also its hands full of blood, because of the agreement of non aggression they did before with German, And moreover they attacked Poland 10 days after from the other side. The History should never erased the suffering and horrors that the Polish were victims. They were stabbed in the front and in the back. I hope when Olivia will go to the school that image still present in the History school books.The first Lucas' vests

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