Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The burrow

Definitely by this days Olivia is learning for the first time what is heavy rain, She is inside but keeps looking surprise for the flood that is going outside. She does not complaining instead she is already used to and in love with the idea of stay longer in our burrow, She knows that now on going outside to the park will be more rarely. It will be more likely to go to the library as we did today. She must acquire the joy for the Winter, because it will be too long.
The first thing in the morning I did it was to visit the doctor, the GP, Because some weird sensation I have been feeling in the end of my left foot, constantly heart beating and dormant foot, This will not scary me if I was not diabetic. The doctor prescribe me all the blood tests to check the main organs, liver, kidneys, bones, but also will be checked the nervous and the sensation in the foot as well as the sight. Nevertheless she cleverly uttered that the problem is not related with diabetes but with the pain in my back. For some reason the nervous in the back been squashed and the same nerve goes from the back until the foot suffered with that. The explanation sounds very plausible. Thus, I will be refer to a doctor physiotherapist.
Later I felt disturbed when I read about the Patrick Swayze death, It shacked and shook me, I followed his case even before I got myself sick with the same problem, So you can understand what I feel, firstly and selfishly for me and very much for him. It will be always hard to be so much aware of our destiny. My respects for the person and for all who are suffering at the moment, for this ones lets fight and fight.
The evening was relaxed, Mike came along to have a diner with us, Olivia enjoyed to be together with us.

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