Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gesture History I

Since one day I was intoxicated with chemotherapy, during a Chemo session I was robbed by the idea of representing the body language and signs that I learnt through my life and slowly they were getting lost in our memories. That afternoon it was hilarious when me and Pajo started to remember this popular signs. Probably some of them are known Worldwide, some others only in Portugal and even others I believed only in my street where I grown up. Whenever I mention some of those to English friends they do not believe and laugh.

But to do not lose more time I took a task to document all this signs, This is my small contribution, and I would appreciate if you also can give more ideas, here or to my email. Please understand that this not pretend to be a collection of Makaton or language for deaf people, but is only a silly repository of popular gestures. Almost the same as slang for verbal conversation. The same as Joe Gould was doing all is life writing the oral history.

First set of examples:
Somebody is having pain in the elbow, it means is with jealous, Some people have this feeling for long times through their lives

When someone does not understand some issue, often very basic. We can complement saying he/she is Tótó or naive to not called stupid.

This gesture is for sure the most appreciated but also not understandable by English people. For them this is anecdotical, This fact hurts me because this is part of our millenarian History. A girl or anything is from here, close to the ears. A earrings or brinco. She or it is very nice.

He is too much talkative, He prefers talk instead of action.

Used normally in the first person, this action of self flagellation is due when I forgot something

Commonly saying é para a boca, And means that other person was cheated, and often involves money

Someone is licking ass, or as we saying in Portugal engraxar or polishing. This is a Portuguese gesture to describe an international activity very popular among some employees when they cannot offer sex to their employers and boss

Be afraid, or having Miaufa

Show that somebody thinks is very clever, Espertalhao.This type of people normally gets big disillusions

He/she is nosed, Thinks is from different world, Does not like to keep contact with common people.

Rubbing hands, This means that I am ready, keen on to do something

This is more an international gesture, Something is Delicious, could aim to describe a nice meal or a woman.

Popular action to describe people who takes things from others, Very popular in the politicians spheres in Portugal

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