Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turning blue

It was difficult last night, Olivia decided to turn blue again, holding the breath and vomiting. For who already experienced this, knows that it is a very distressful situation, Our heart also stops beating until we listen their first gasps of oxygen. This takes long or an eternity in that moment. During the night it was obvious that she was also with some problem in the throat, in the morning the doctor confirmed that she has an infection, She has now started a course of an antibiotic. In the morning I also had my annual check up for diabetes clinic, the blood tests are fine, just the cholesterol is slightly higher than suppose to be.
Meanwhile, this evening we moved to Shuby's house, She is about to go in holidays, so is a pleasure to stay and take care of Tazz for week, Olivia also I am sure does not mind. It is good to take some fresh air at this moment and in Shuhy's house we will find at least some peace.
Just a shame that today when we are leaving house I found an intruder at our home, Now I would call him a new member of the house, because once in my home you are my guest. For the first time a small mouse, that been digging and myself listening him in the living room while I read in the night, decided to show up. It will be hard to be away from the small rodent.

The diner was already with Shuby and Tom, thus, it was a very pleasent time, not only for the food but for share the company with my lovely friends.

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