Thursday, September 17, 2009

D Sebastiao around the corner

The biggest patrimony of my family is without any doubts the multicultural and multi blood colour that runs inside us. In such a small house there is East European influences by Justa's side and I myself borrowing the Mediterranean colour to the flag. And also I do believe once up on time I had some Arabic influence in my family tree. Again, today for the millionth time somebody thought I was Arabic maybe Moroccan, Even if I am proud of having resemblances with an Arabic citizen, I needed to say that I had to disappoint as I am only Portuguese as far as I know, full stop. Few times, they already took for guaranty that I would not eat meat because of been Muslim. Probably the reason could be because of some Arabic conqueror while in his affairs of taking few more acres of fields in the Algarve for his Sultanate have left behind some of his semen in the venter of an innocent local girl. But, as you know I do not like to think small and then I will expose my secret idea of what make me look like this belo Calif, Few years ago when D. Sebastiao went to Morocco to fight the Arabs he did not died in the fog as we can read from the chronicles, but instead He as a big hero won the battle and become king of Alcacer Quibir, Luckily for him in that days the news travelled much slower and the disturbance in the messages were too big, so back to Portugal never nobody become to know the real destiny of this hero, thinking about him as a martyr when in fact he was having the best time of his life. In opposition to the rumours in Portugal he was everything but gay. He had several women and kids that he even not knew how many. But, it was one of those small ones after years of been neglected by his rich father that was more busy with the carnal issues, decided to go to Portugal and try his chances in the Algarve, taking advantage of back to that days the European community still did not create barriers to the emigrants and the restrictions in the boarders were minimum. Thus, as you are already imagining this Hero is the seed that let to the creation of the Assuncao's family. I am assuming the responsibilities of revealing this secret that I kept with me for years, I am now scare that nobody would do anything else in Portugal because they think of been found their Salvation, the D. Sebastiao, or better his grandson. Although, friends, the miracle is close.

But until there tomorrow we will be busy again with some healthy issues, in the hospital I will have to do more blood tests in order to be checked for the diabetes, But more important at 9.00 AM I will see the oncologist to review the last scans and listen the news. I love them.

Now bellow in the pictures his Grand son and Grand grand daughter.

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