Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Equilibrium of our lives

Nowadays I understand better the concept that there is always a good side in everything that we find in our way, even the most terrible, It made me meet new people, opportunity to find things that I like and also I could stay all this time with Olivia and Justyna, We are grown up together, every minute. Olivia is the balance of my life, When I have insomnia in the night and I cannot sleep I always focus on her face to relax, and often I am desiring to come the morning to see her, as I miss already her.

Today the Weather becomes better again, there was some warmth around, Thus we could enjoy the morning in the park and in the afternoon we went to Shubhy's house, In the park Olivia never had enough of the swings and meanwhile Justyna proving her stubbornness achieve the construction of a cube puzzle that was disturbing her for a while. Well done.

In Shubhi's we were very happy to see that Tazz is again a very happy dog. And we could do the farewell to Roshan as she is going back to L.A., God bless Obama. We also said good bye to Ryan before he departs to India. I am sure all will have the best trip, for Rosha to her Home and Ryan to his second home.

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