Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cream Tea

Without too many options we took the day to do some house work, Olivia helped to hoover and mum took care of the plants. I was tired so, I only wash dishes, the pain in the back is not going away even with pain killers. But at least son I will see the physiotherapist what gives me hope to ease the discomfort.

Olivia also definitely said goodbye to her cot and I think she well not miss it, We gave it to a family in the Freecycle. Later We did our first raid to the depths of the English tradition. My hypoglycemia pushed us to the Cream tea tradition, Our tea was accompanied with scone and jam, Olivia looked like if she was in a very posh tea salon. Next, I promised we will try the High tea, this one use to be a meal, It comes with a light sandwich. This used to be for the working class, what matches us. Of course all this traditions started here in Britain by the hands of one Portuguese, No, it was not by me, But it was by the lady Catarina de Braganca when moved to England to marry the womanizer Charles II.

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