Monday, September 14, 2009

Tal mae tal filho

The day has been promising storms, The zenith is dark and the winds are loose, blowing everywhere, Outside the leaves frightened are dropping to the floor, Inside it escapes in through small gaps of the windows announcing his presence with a very thin but defining whisper. Meanwhile we are resting, The few moments that Olivia give me I use it to read, Of course Justyna a long time abandoned what she most like, reading. Each time I am going to the park I am going supplied with several books :) Nevertheless this is always an utopic task as Olivia normally does not go further than a hour nap. Today Justyna offered us some classics books. On my back is the Funfair that also is resting, We hope to have fun there this weekend.

In the afternoon my Mum went to the doctor, he confirmed that she needs to go to the surgery, Removing the gallbladder is the only chance to get rid of the stones, but until there she needs to rest her Liver, The blood tests does not show the Liver in a very good condition at the moment. Now it is you in need for relax. Apparently, my mum's Liver is offering its solidarity to my Liver. Thanks mate

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