Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bollywood and masalas movies

I confess after a long life I had today the first experience in the Bollywood and masalas movies, The opportunity to watch a entire movie came in Veena's House, The plot it was not the most elaborated but it was a good fun, For who is not used to this kind of films like me it is necessary to approach it in alternative way, leave on the side our stupid Reason and let us go by the extravagant colours of the Saris, the beautiful faces and of course some patience to be interrupted by grotesque musicals.

Olivia was completely overtaken by the Indian mood, She could not avoid to do her make up and put her best jewellery to charm the friends.

It was really a good time in Veena's house with Chrisna and Rafi & Casha, The food of course Indian was great, But surprisingly today the Indian food was not cooked by Veena but by Justyna. Shamefully was missing the chicken tikka massala.

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