Monday, August 31, 2009

Finding myself

We're been discussing at home for some time when it will be best time to re-start to work and where, the doubts are more than the certainties, But I suppose all the life will be like that and not only for us. For now we decided to go to Portugal, today I started to look effectively for work down there.
I am still trying to find myself, I do not want to do steps in false, even if I had a great lesson, nothing is irreversible. It is difficult to do this balance, In London I already have some of my best friends, I am get use with the life style even if I do not like 100% and because of that I want to give a chance to Portugal, There I think Olivia could be more happy in the middle and long term. There is also Justyna, she is the person who wants more to go to Portugal, but the things will not be easy for her, it is the language, again another life style. Important also is to ensure that I will covered by the English system at least regarding to the appointments with Oncologist that be following me. I do not want to lose that.
In the afternoon I was tired, I stayed at home relaxing while mummy and OLi went out, Only in the evening I was already with batteries charged, I gave a bath to Olivia, She loves that time and is beautiful for us to enjoy that moment. To finish the day I am getting drank with my favourite tea, peppermint and relax the body, It will be under another scanning tomorrow in the UCL, This time is PET scanning, They will inject some radioactivity substance and after an hour the machine will look for Neuroendocrines tumors through the all body.

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Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

Que tudo te corra bem amanhã.
Não percas mesmo a tua assistência aí porque aqui a nossa saúde está doente...

Carla Damásio