Saturday, September 5, 2009


This story is factual and happened somewhere in Kilburn but could happen at any other place, I am narrating that because the drama acted under my roof. There was a very little girl, wherever she was going always attracted all the smiles among the strangers specially from the males face, The parents never could deal with such a thing, All the attentions were constantly facing the small beauty plebeian and not in her hard workers parents. The embarrassments outside usually frustrated so much the parents, in special her father, that when back home his weak figure father transformed in a stronger man. The battle was unfair, like David and Goalies, but at home was the place where him could exercise his authority as outside nobody respected him. Often her mum and the small one were confined to the domestic work, This tasks would take all her day, from the morning until evening. The time that the girls from her age spent playing with dulls and reading a books our sad one past sewing buttons from her father's suits, to iron the clothes and wishing dishes.

The days were left with little happiness, Sometimes she was going to the playgrounds in order to their parents keeping the facade, The neighbours must think those are a respectable people, Her father was doing the exterior aspect the most important value of his life. The same happened with the matrimonial relation, He did not show the minimum respect for the ladies at home. Outside Olivia, our small heroine was always with a very depth sad semblance, This was something that her father could not contradict
The only place where she loved to go was the forest, There, close with the nature she maintained strong relations with the all the animals and trees, She kept secret her conversations with the dogs, foxes and all the animals in the bush. Even the most strange creatures she straight fall in love and would conquer their hearts

The story of her life would change completely the route when one day she went for a party with the agreement of her mummy but of course with the ignorance of her graceless father. The course took them to the house of an aristocrat family in Hampstead Heath, The time they spent outside was fantastic for Olivia as she never had experienced to be so long in the company of civilized people, She exchanged glances and laughter with everybody, Nevertheless was one very wealthy boy who would marked and touched the Olivia's hearth more strongly, As far as we know his father was a successful broker in the city.
After spent long hours in the feast her mum realised how late it was and by that time her monstrous husband and father should already noticed their miss. She knew that in the evening He wanted her presence at home to complete the dinner and shoot him the insulin. Not few times Mum thought in instead of inject insulin she could added something else to the combination and get rid of Him and then kill their perpetual pain and suffering.
In the rush to home, Olivia could not say good bye, neither Adeus nor Dovisenia to the guests, but above all to the boy that opened her heart and showed her how Life could be beautiful. Not only forgot to say goodbye but also left behind her shoes. But the impression that Olivia left there it was so good, that our small boy could not sleep in the same night and decided to ask to his father to undertake all the possible sacrifices to help him to find our small Olivia.
Thus they run all North of London knocking in each door to ask all the ladies to try to wear the shoe and then check who was the owner of the boy's heart, The enterprise was almost done as finished when after a month they found the small Olivia, The shoes matched exactly her feet. Her happiness was the size of this World as also her mum's. Only the father lived forever in his dreadful cage dying with jealous.

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