Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Freaky baby

Again all the family went in procession to the Hospital, another scanning needed to be done, For this one I was fasting, The concept is injecting a massive dose of sugar in the veins and wait one hour until all the weak and diseased cells soak up all the sugars to get stronger, afterwards the machine should find those cells and take some shoots. Today they did not allow me to read while wanting to do not pressure the arms when laying down, so the time was quit boring. And also when I was inside the CT machine I had a big itching inside the nose, It was tortuous to stay inside the hole without a chance to move and feel that strong itching somewhere in the nasal cavity. Regarding to that area of the human body later in the day I would stroke also the Justyna's nose, She still recovering from the pain. It was in a suddenly movement of my arms and I did not expect to find her face behind me. Sorry for that Love.

After such a starvation the invitation from Veena to go to her house and have a meal it was very welcome, Just in the hurry I would lost my Oyster card. I confess I am keeping looking to find my head. Olivia got already some signs of her father, sometimes very strange, lost and freaky. She behaves as a really Londoner, keeps feet on the seat, having her junk food in the transports, screaming in Public. We need to keep an eye on her.

But as I said the day in Veena and Chrisna's house was very relaxed for all of us, Olivia did not want to sleep only me used that prerogative for an hour. After we watched the strong film A Time for drunken horses. By the end I enjoyed to listen the heavy rain outside until I realised that the heaters inside were already on, After I become depressed, I could smelt the Winter.

Still some pictures from Sunday in Brighton

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