Saturday, September 26, 2009


In the hangover of the yesterday's oncologist appointment I just want to enjoy what is the most trivial, You should try to seat down outside and feel the warmth from the Sun, or just eat straight away the blackberries that have been picked up from the tree, and you will find what I am finding, This it is more than enough to make you happy. Moreover if your life is ruled by a small dictator so, your life will be indescribable beautiful.

My idea of dictatorship has changed since Olivia has arrived, I thought I would never tolerated a dictator inside my home, but nowadays I am happy living under the rules of the theocratic Olivia, She is always right, Only a cry and I will be there begging for her calm, If necessary I would kneel in exchange of her smile. Out of question refuse an order from the Queen.

These days are going very peaceful, is such a joy for our souls having Tazz always close to us, he is one of us, If one of us are bad and down all of us are bad and down, but if all are happy, nobody will be sad. And this weekend we are also with Tom, with him we are all tranquil.

Here we are missing Shuby and desiring her as to Neal and Ryan a great time in India. Soon we will be together again.

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