Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harvest season

Tomorrow we are expecting to know what the oncologists decided to do, to fight the new Cancer, I have been trying to keep my brain away from the tomorrow's appointment, but in fact it was impossible, Nevertheless we are calm considering everything. It will be just another appointment, nothing else, it has been always with that spirit I am been facing this crucial days.

Today all the family with Tazz included went to pick up blackberries around Shuby's house, It makes me remember my childhood, there in the Algarve my grand mum had a big Blackberries tree, Even if a long time ago it is still very fresh in my memory, all the family be together and go to pick up the fruit. It was an excuse to the family be around. To affront the biggest mess from that harvest we all dressed the dirtiest clothes and the hands and faces were always unrecognisably covered with ink. We also hold the biggest secret how to remove the stains, Is using the green blackberries, So the Green ones washed the red ones.

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