Saturday, September 19, 2009

Noah's Ark

The last tears been drooped today, The same day we cried until the pain been unbearable we did washed our faces and started to build up the vessel that will save us from the tempest that is to come. I have only in my mind to save what can be saved, the ambitious plans are now frozen and some even forgotten. It is time to think in the most important things of our lives. Our love and care for each other that we can have only taking day by day. In that vessel I would like to seat as well all of you, that are with me, and I know are a lot of friends.

Difficult to sweep away the bad thoughts, We tried to have a breakfast out and after go to see animals farm that been brought to a place near our house, It was also good to Olivia to have contact with the animals that will come in the ark. Afternoon we went to the church, interesting that I only remember to ask for the good of Olivia, I already asked too much for myself.

I am starting to dream again, because it is that that helped me last year to past and also it will help me to face the bad days that will come.

Lots of love for Justyna as she is again in the middle of the waves for Love. She never stops to surprise me, as she started a course of Portuguese language in the computer and the progress are enormous.

Now I need to go close to my loves because Olivia is with high temperature, over 39 degrees, I already called to the emergency, in half a hour if the temperature will not drop we will need to go to the Hospital.


Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

Pensamentos positivos! As melhoras da Olivia.
O Miguel também está doente com febres altas e vómitos... Como diz uma amiga minha: "faz parte do pacote".

Beijinhos para todos,

Carla Damásio

Anonymous said...

Ola Helder.
Queria so mandar um beijo especial para vocês. Em breve estarei aí para te dar pessoalmente.Beijokinhas para todos