Friday, September 25, 2009


It is wonderful to reborn, It is the minimum what I can tell, Definitely something good it still following us. Somebody was telling to me when we go to an appointment like that we need to be prepare for everything, even for the worst, and I did it, But with such a cost. Last week took me out a part of me. I could not focus in front of a book, difficult to seat and relax, I only wandered around losing myself in each word of the doctor uttered and its implications. The doubts were too many and answers few. This play of roller coaster or montanha russa as Antonio Feio said it is not a proper game for a cardiac.

Today I slept only until 3.00 and then I waited for the morning and hoping to get through the oncologist appointment soon as possible. I was having a very strange taste in the mouth, I only experienced this two or three times in my life when I was frustrated with a minor reason, Probably nervous or too much adrenaline in the metabolism.

Nevertheless Justyna helped me to explain what I was feeling in the morning, Is like going to an exam in the school and we cannot study any more, We are by our own. But this time the appointment went very good, over my best expectations. Today I made sure I would like to be seen by the Oncologist consultant, Dr Tim Meyer, He knows all my history. He said firstly what we already knew, that the last Gallium scan showed a legion that is a Neuroendocrine, It is been already in the back of the stomach for a while, Before, some other scans already picked up but now there is sure what is about. Its growth are slow, in December had 9mm and now has 17 mm, But it needs to come out. The good news is for him there is no need for chemotherapy, it should be removed by a surgery. It will be another major operation, but only who already past through this knows what does it mean the word surgery comparing with chemotherapy and having Cancer. Justyna and Me looked like we would reborn again, we were so happy, and of course Olivia as well. Therefore, the plan is to do first of all an endoscopy to see inside the stomach, because the tumour is close to it, Hopefully nothing will be detected, and then in four weeks I will meet the oncologist again to discuss the surgery. The path is hallucinatory, with a big operation for each 6 months, but this means we are still in the game to beat the Cancer, And a lot of dreams are still out to be conquered, No better news we could have it.

Afterwards we went to celebrate, had lunch out in a Turkish restaurant, Justyna had her Turkish coffee, After the Sun was so radiant that gave us inspiration for a sensational afternoon. Olivia probably also in decompression went for a long sleep. Back to Shuby's house we enjoyed the rest of the evening with Tazz, Tom and Veena. It was great to born again and alive.


Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

Que boas notícias! Enquanto houver caminho para caminhar, vamos em frente! "Onde há vontade não falta caminho", já diz Tolkien... Por isso, que a camihada se faça da melhor forma!


Carla Damásio

Luís Ganhão said...


é apenas mais uma batalha que vais vencer com a ajuda das tuas princesas e nós a puxar por ti mais a Sul.