Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hug zone

In good time we decided to go to the centre, The weather was great but first of all we could join the celebrations of the firefighters close to our home, It was a pleasure to give our moral support for what they do. Olivia dressed the vests of the peace soldiers and took the command of operations for a few minutes, certainly nothing could happen in London during that time. There was not any ring, alarm or any call, All was quite as should be. I am sure I would feel much more secure with a baby in charge either at a fire situation or in the government, rather with what we have nowadays.

Afterwards Olivia was not satisfied, wanted more action, Therefore we all went in search for adrenaline, Our first stop was in Trafalgar Square, the busiest place in town, Olivia mixed with the crowed and even with dogs, It is beautiful to find the weirdest people along, to join myself, the weirdest Portuguese in London.

Close we went inside the National Portrait Gallery, we said hello to our friends Kasha & Rafi, and after we continued our visit to the gallery, Inside even if it is a big venue it is funny to find the same people looking around several times, like we been chased. That sensation had increased when I could not control my bowels, and I farted silently but for sure worthy evacuation due to the chemicals involved in the blow, Involuntarily I sow the panic, not only among the visitors but also with the people portrayed. Sorry Olivia, but I think you were the perfect disguise. Nobody thought this gentleman could do such a thing.

At almost 6.00 pm we were called to leave, I was thinking to hide myself in the gallery in order to stay overnight, I have the strong suspicious that all the figures in the portraits have live in the night, Good parties and orgies should happen in that long corridors after hours. But I abandoned the plan as for sure Justyna would miss me at home.

Already in the centre we all went to a briefly visit to Convent Garden, its a place that conserves all the smells. Here the soups, there the incense. We finished the day as almost as we started, with peace and love, We entered in the Hug Zone.

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