Sunday, November 30, 2008

Limitless love

Sometimes I feel how lucky I am for in a short period of time that I been living in London I can scream loudly, what a lovely friends I have. Shuby is a person that I met in a less than a year ago in my last job, but already before I become sick she showed always so much care and attention regarding to me, and after the Cancer was diagnosed on me she just has been always close to me, Her support it has been difficult to write here, because all the words will not be enough and my English language is not at a level to describe that feelings. She is like a God that gave to my family so much care and love, a person very sensitive to all the emotions and needs of the people, and in our case she become our light. In the beginning when all fall apart, essential my life was running away she presented and learnt to me how to keep the faith. And when nobody wanted to give me a chance because rationally there was no way to escape there was this friend that showed me that there is other ways as the rational to think positive and believe in a good end. So as you can imagine there is no other place where I could feel more safe apart from the Hospital, than in her house. Thus, today all the family moved to Shuby's house to stay all together until my sister flies back to Portugal.
Great week and the best of December. Do not forget that you all still can do 2008 a great year. Is not necessary too much for that.

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Ana Cristina said...

Há momentos que aparecem para nos mostrar o grande numero de amigos que temos e a qualidade dos mesmos... servem também para nos mostrar como somos especiais... ;)
Aprecia cada momento especial!
Muita força
E muita sorte e felicidade para a nova casa =)
prima Ana