Thursday, November 13, 2008

First teeth

It is not to bad this sensation of hermit, essential when outside is cold and wet, I can read all the newspapers and magazines that has been accumulated beside my bed and leave the rest to Olivia to read and scratch. As you can see for the picture she is always in the company of the books.
This evening it was registered for a big scream of Olivia's Mum, I was surprised what did happen and Justyna completely out of her, in a hysteric tone told us, "I can see the first Olivia's teeth"
So, after also I was exited with this landmark. What is the next surprise that our Olivia will reserve for us?
Tomorrow is a very busy day in the Hospital, I have an appointments with the Oncologist in the morning and in the afternoon I will see the doctor of the Endocrinology team. The last one it will be the first time I will see them, I cannot wait :)

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Treta said...

parabéns à Olivia pelo seu primeiro dente.