Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It is not case for that!


So today, If it was still necessary I had the confirmation that the panorama I had few months ago have changed dramatically, and now we have right to believe in a good end. This send us back five months ago, That time they diagnosed me with this nasty tumor in the Pancreas spread to the Liver, and when I had to face the terrible news, the day after I started to be accompanied by the palliative and pain management team. This reflected their idea that the only thing they could interfere it was in the palliative care, to avoid me to have needless pains and to keep my moral up as possible. But I need to confess, probably because of some preconcepts I had in my mind I was terrified when the lovely and very professional doctor from the palliative team in the UCLH came to visit me for the first time. Even, Afterwards when I come home I kept having the regular visit or phone calls from a nurse from the Macmillan, an organization that supports people with Cancer.

But, after five months of fight, the nurse come home again, not only to share a cup of tea with us but overall to give me a news that brings more confidence to our home, According to the nurse she sees a fit man with a serious clinic program that aim to cure from the cancer, Then now on and for now, she does not see reason to follow so close my case.
Good night lovely people


Treta said...

mais boas noticias.


ftavora said...

o gajo da foto é giro e sexy. quem é ele?