Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Polish beauty

I am trying to take advantage of the last week before another chemotherapy session arrived, anyway the countdown has already started in my head, it is a shame when I start to feel better, less tired, is when the next battery of chemicals is duet. But, no complains for who has done already all this way. Against all odds, we are here and almost with the life back, I am sure if the book makers in London had open a bet for my life, by now all the bookies would be losing money and probably I would be rich, Is almost six months since the doctors diagnosed the cancer, and also half year was their first and fortunately wrongly prediction for my live expectation.

If I have been OK, Justyna today was tired with all the stress and pressure she has above her shoulders, I need sometimes to focus more one her issues, and forget my disease. My problem turns me sometimes in somehow blind, like if would be the only person with problems. Even if Justyna never complains, what sometimes that silence is the problem, she deserves all my attention.

We been enjoying the winter days in Jane's house, the days looked so long now, and the nights even bigger. Big hug to Richard and Derick and have a peaceful trip to India.
And love for everyone

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