Saturday, November 15, 2008

Looking for peace inside

After a bad day I am happy to announce a good day, In the Morning we left to meet Shuby that would take all us to the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in Great Gaddesden in the Hertfordshire county. The link for who is interested is bellow:

The monk in charge for this work shop was Mr Bhikkhu Aloka. It was a long but a peaceful exercise, for two hours all of us, around 100, were in meditation on the floor indoors and just trying to see whatever it comes to our mind, if it is pain that you feel just observe it, if it is any sound just catch it, if is a smell just smelling. The process of mediation can imply just think about some specific thing or just do a more open and free process and then observe whatever is coming to your head, skipping from one thought to another one. Take the thoughts as it comes, no stress if the thought are bad. Even the silence is listenable and enjoyable, he said that the sound of the silence represents the working conscious.

Afterwards was another half an hour outside, doing small walks and trying to have an introspective attitude, here is more complicated, as the eyes are standing open. It was a funny sensation to see all the students and monks wandering in the large park outside.

As the Monk said now we all need to practise at home, and next Saturday I will be back again.

Lovely to finish my day listening some old songs in the company of my friend John, that today is overnighting in Jane's place as us.
Finish with the idea that the only thing more important in our life is not the love but the time.