Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Smiles for now


Finally I went to the Royal Free Hospital today to clarify about a small nodule it had grown in my beautiful scare, I thought it could be some clamp left inside from the operation, but the doctor from the Mr Fusai team told me to do not worry, as what I feel under the skin is just the stitch inside the body that sometimes takes longer to dissolve, the fact that I am under chemotherapy also does not help all the healing process. With the trip I had also opportunity to speak with doctor Fusai and he told me that I look great and he will wait to see me in December to decide the next stage. Meanwhile another doctor come around and again remind us how lucky I am, after such a complicated situation I look very well and the perspectives are good.

Evening we come to my friend Jane's house to have a evening in a different environment, just the fact of changing also brings fresh air, I am enjoying the quiet evening, only with computer and book.

Big kiss


joaquim said...

Olá Helder

Mais boas noticias.

Um abraço


maria joão said...

Boa boa moço "marafado"

Maria João

jorge henriques said...

Caro Helder , como as noticias vão comprovando o fim da "bixarada" está perto , fiquei bastante contente com essas novas .
E quero continuar a "vê-lo" com boa disposição o humor é parte da cura amigo.