Sunday, November 9, 2008

Men of the house


This chemotherapy session has been taking me more down to the bed, For several days I only go out for a short time, I also have been with some pain in my abdomen, feeling the food struggling to do all the way down, even with help of the teas. Therefore, it is the women who leads the house and are the firefighters to extinguish all the small fires that tend to appear. Justyna is in the antipodes of that woman I met two years ago. That time she was very shy, difficultly she could decide anything by herself, very dependent from me, and immersed in lack of self believe. It is amazing to see how she behaves nowadays, she decides everything, she got all the initiatives, For example she is calling and is going to see the flats available to rent. And the small Olivia has already marked her personality, and then her options :)

Nice week


Daniela said...

superwoman, no doubt!!!! kisses, daniela

Treta said...

Elas têm a mania!


Janie. said...

we knew she had it in her though...

go girl(s)!