Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home on the sight


Today we had another issue that moved forward, The Council finally decided about our claim for house. Though the decision it was not in our favor, at least now we know that we need to move on and look for house by our self. Probably we will rent a house and only after apply for housing benefit, attending to our low incomes it should be given. Justyna started already the task of looking in the Net for our Palace, also Castles are in our cogitations.

Sao Martinho visited us, and I cooked some chestnuts in the oven to remind this old party that is part of my imaginary. Often I went to the queue in the Cellar close to home to buy the Agua Pé (new wine) that was part of the table in this day, as the chestnuts and the sweet potato.
Ate amanaha

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jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder
Fiquei contente com as noticias dos post anteriores ,devagar se vai ao longe como se costuma dizer hehe.
Bom em relação á casita, a da foto não está nada mal e parece bem situada .....
hum hum o cheiro da castanhita já chega a estas bandas ,que pena que eu tenho de não as poder tragar ,pois já estavam prontas , bom lá tenho eu que ir para a cozinha ,o culpado é o Helder hehe