Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lets go to the next bridge


I hope the positive signs that I had today it will become a fact in the next days, The sugars since the morning came to values of one digit, something did not happen since along time ago. And during day I could eat more and the sugars kept looking stable. This is important to my body recover in the way only with sugars in a reasonable and healthy range my organism can absorb the calories in need and do not let me starving of energies and dehydrated of happiness.

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Anonymous said...

Olá Hélder, passei por aqui para saber notícias tuas, e para te dar + uma palavra de FORÇA, e continua a LUTAR, tu sabes que és CAPAZ!

Bjnh gd p ti, e espero que a Olívia esteja melhor.

Vanda - Stap.