Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our star

The day deserved to be separated in two halves, until afternoon it was a calm day, sleeping almost all time, and enjoy some intervals with my special ones, Oliwka and Justa.

Only when afternoon arrived the almost night brought us the highest point of the day. We went to witnessed a beautiful project from the responsibility of my friend Veena. She set a group of 31 dads singing in 21 languages songs for kids, So as you can imagine with such a mix of different backgrounds the out come it was a very beautiful party and also a CD to proof it. This CD it was launched today and has my voice to sing a Portuguese song, Jardim da Celeste.
I was invited for this event in June, just when I become sick, and in that time I remember to do not be sure if I could do it with all the news I have been told me in the UCL Hospital, but in reality I was present today and I had a really good time :)
Love to every one and special big kiss to Veena


Anonymous said...

Hi Veena!!
You look wonderful in this picture!!Dont forget my cd!! ;)
Big kisses


Treta said...

Estás lançado no mundo da música!


Francisco Narciso said...

Olá Amigão,

Um grande abraço,