Saturday, November 8, 2008

Run for a life

So glad I feel today, Even more glad because the reason to be glad is because of myself. I went to a park close to home with my friends John & Maria and kids to relax and the small ones to play footy, But, the pleasure that took us to this green area was broken straight after our arriving by a barbaric situation. A big dog that was walking with is owner decided to catch another dog, small one, by its neck. When I saw that I could not believe, and the situation was enduring already for a couple of minutes, the owner of the aggressor dog was trying to pulling him away but without success and the owner of the victim was screaming and her daughter in shock. But of course I was around, and in a flash I realise it would be another case to be sorted by Helder, and I run intrepid to the spot provided with my arm, an umbrella. The run took me more time than some months ago would take me, but anyway enough to reach the place of the fight, or better of the subjugation of one dog by another one, and in a gesture of goodness with the weakest dog, I started to kick the bad dog's head with my umbrella transformed in a stick, This owner was surprise and upset with my attitude, even tried to stop me, but in the end after the last and my strongest struck it let the bad release the good one. The bad dog kept looking for confrontation, only the owner with the lead could dominate the beast. In the other hand the good dog looked in shook, was at least a live for sure, and the lady owner blessed me for my courage act. Definitely, the lost of my old and sentimental umbrella was worth with the dogs life.

Different words for my friend Ian & Renne that are celebrating Ian's birthday with a romantic trip to Paris, humm. Have a good time. And also a big kiss to Portugal for all the girls that are in an important friends meeting.

As you can see the title today match the title of my blog, Please take your conclusions :)


Ana Cristina said...

Anotner victory from a hero!!!
prima Ana

Rosália said...

Grande Helder, assim é que é!
Este fim de semana fui ao nosso Algarve, que maravilha! Tão bonito e agradável.
Lots of kisses for all of you

Daniela said...

Aaaahhhhhh Superhomem!!!! fartei-me de rir!
beijos! daniela