Monday, November 24, 2008

Bears in the Arctic

The days still flowing as a snail through to leaves, my condition is still slowly improving, I am starting to be confident and carry Olywka in my arms and spend some of my energies in silly jokes to catch her laugh. For now there is nothing better in my life.

Shame, but today my friend Miriam said good bye to us, she decided to go back to Lisbon, and this was was an excuse to have farewell party in Jane's house. Mike also join our group, I am sure that Miriam even if is sad to leave against her wish enjoyed the evening and felt our warmth and love as I felt. Thank you for our support and do not forget next Monday I am waiting for you in the chemotherapy suite. The party tested my self, with the richness of wine and chocolates over the table that I refused :)

I also had some cuts in my, today. Pajo applied again his skills of hair dresser and the result it was very satisfactory, I am looking very smart. Only my ears need to have a double protection with the Arctic wave that sat over London.

Ate amanha


Ana Cristina said...

gostei mt de te "ouvir" sobre o dia 24, ontem
dedicares apenas uma frase à tua condição é bastante positivo ;P
muita força
prima Ana

jorge henriques said...


Passei para saber noticias e já percebi que agora o que incomoda mais é o friozito das terras de sua majestade. Terra onde só há calor um mês por ano para mim não serve hehehe
Força Helder

chora said...

um abraço e bj para as tuas caras metade a tua pequena ta um espectaculo