Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Waiting for the next move


As usual the first day after the chemotherapy I am living the same sensations of the others first days. A very short sleep in the night, a couple of hours, but I compensated with all afternoon in the bed. Another familiar reaction is the sugars levels going up. But at least the appetite it still enough to allow me to get a reasonable amount of calories.

Today I get clarified about what will happen next, I received a letter by post from the Royal Free Hospital booking the CT scan for 17th of December, this means that I should have at least one more chemotherapy session in three weeks. And only after the scanning the doctors will take a decision, This would be already close to Christmas, probably the surgeon will transmit me the decision in an appointment that I have with him at 23rd of December.

This December it seems a very busy time, we are moving house, we are dealing with a crucial time regarding with my healthy issues, and of course we want to live some of the Christmas spirit even more now with the gift of Oliwka.



Rosália said...

Força amigo, vais vencer.
A Olivia vai melhorar, faz parte do crescimento, provavelmente vem ai outro dentinho!

Beijinhos and hugs for all

Luís Ganhão said...

Certo Hélder... tudo vai correr bem.
É o descrescimento do teu tumor... e o crescimento dos dentinhos da Olivia :-)

PS --> Dia 3/12 faço-te uma visita