Sunday, November 30, 2008

Solid friendship

It is official, we have a house, VIVA. We signed already the contract and will move in next Friday 5th of December. A house that will be open for all friends. It will be good to finally have a permanent place and the Christmas will sound even better in the warmth of our house.

Today we enjoy a lovely day with friends in Vascos' house, just it was a shame that the owner, Vasco was working, not been present in this friends meeting. Thus, the feast was completed with Pajo and Filipa & Luis. Yes, Filipa and Luis gave us the pleasure of their visit, This friends have been since the first time always very close to us, been responsible also to not let me go down in my worst moments. Thank you for your friendship.

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Luis Carvalho said...

Hi Helder

It was great seeing you guys! Hope to see you soon possibly in Brussels.