Friday, November 7, 2008

Big Sabbath

Weekend again, in front of my house I can see already the preparations for the big Saturday, the Sabbath, the religious day for the Jewish. In the area where I live, Stanford Hill, is famous for its big orthodox Jewish community. Although, it is a very close society, difficult even to share any eye contact with them, I cannot avoid to feel very respect and sympathetic for them. They normally have a numerous families, usually over five kids. From my window sometimes I spend so long time just observing the rituals of this traditional Jewish family. The kids always look so lovely, very well educated and they are a source of inspiration for me when I see them playing with each other. They always use games very old fashion, like big cars made from wood, strings, what I think it should be demanded from the Torah. Also, tomorrow morning I can see the kids outside reading energetically the Torah book.
Not only the kids are very sweet to parents but the parents shown always very tender with the kids and wherever they going always bring the kids along, like if they were permanently training the kids to be like them and therefore adults as soon as possible. Nevertheless, there are some issues like preponderance of the male that I am not sure if I agree.
Good bless all the religions

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