Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fan club


Sunday was an open day to our friends, This is what I need at the moment, I fear to feel alone, probably even more than the death. In the Morning we had a very fruity and healthy breakfast with John & Wilf, Rob and Sandra. It was good to share some English jokes, though my brain found difficult to follow any joke nowadays. Lunch it was our friend Mike, that gave us the pleasure of his company, I am with fingers cross to see Mike surviving the Financial crises, in the way he is working in an investment bank. Finally to end up the day was Miriam and Pajo that visited us and was great to taste the Pajo's culinary skills.

Meanwhile I am already feeling anxious for tomorrow and another chemotherapy session in the Royal free Hospital. It is a silly thought but I hope all this it would be worth, The last days I have been worried with a persistent pain in my abdomen, but I suppose is part of the healing of the last operation in conjugation with the chemotherapy on the way. Also my dreams in the night are reflecting all the worst perceptions, it is painful to wake up and remember the dreams that come along, in the process of dreaming I am often screaming or using direct action against the closest pillow.
In other plan, I want to complain to my new condition. Since I start to write this blog I become so famous, that now wherever I go I cannot pass in the streets without been recognised. This group of fans is the last occurrence.
Lovely day

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joaquim said...

Olá Helder

Que grande clube de fans, se precisares de ajuda na resposta a todas as fans podes contar comigo.

Um abraço