Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rui attacking the fish

Ola meus amigos,

What a busy day I had, ufff, but I am glad and surprise to feel that I still have some energies left at this time of the night. Normally, I am a man only for half day, after the afternoon the energies runs out and I become almost a veg :) The characteristic that I have for a long time, since I born 36 years ago, but now I fell that increased and become more evident is my loss of memory, either short or long. Actually, this is a feature that I am proud, because I inherited from my father, that is why I would call this the Rui's Syndrome, kind of mental laziness in a brilliant mind.

This fact become even more present now with the chemotherapy underway, In a normal day since the morning, even to shave I need always to ask Justa where is it my razor, where is toothpaste, like if I would not know where to find it. Of course if I would do a bigger effort I should know where to find that things, But fortunately Justyna keeps forgive me, until when, I do not know:)

Today I went to the Royal Free Hospital to try to close a chapter opened in the first operation in August, Back to that time I had a big allergic reaction in my body, with a rush that started in my groynes and spread to all over the body, additionally I could not sleep for a week. Thus, today I went to the Dermatology to do a patch testing to find out what substances I am allergic and to avoid the use of those products in next operations or surgeries. This patch testing in my case consisted in 45 small metal discs, where previous it was applied the substances that I may be allergic, and then attached to my back and secured by a tape. The substances it was some general European substances and also the products in use in any hospital, things like plaster, latex. The patches are left until Friday and then the doctor will observe and monitor the development, and Finally Monday they will look again if there is reaction and will be taken the conclusions. Even, if this is a complex procedure it may not be enough to sorted out my case, Because this test will not see my body's reaction to drugs, as penicillin, tramadol or acreotide, drugs that I toke after the first operation and the Surgeon had suspicious this ones were the causes of that allergy. But fortunately the doctors are looking for that and they will send me to the Immunization department , where they will use other methods to find out about that drugs effect in me.

But now, back to to patch test, I am also happy as now I found an excuse to not take a bath in order to not wet the testes and undermine the operation in course, Poor Justyna and Olivia with their smelly father.

I hope my nephew will not notice my smell. Yes, that is true, tomorrow I will see for the first time my 4 months old nephew, We cannot wait to see him and Olywka even more, she is very excited with the idea of meet the cousin Daniel. It will be good for all of us to see my sister and Paulo. It will be a great week with many things to speak and to share. Shame that also my parents cannot come, it will be next time, I am also happy because I know that my father is putting on weight, it means he is less worried, relaxing more and enjoying the mums food. It was difficult to him to be always away from what was going on here in London.

Something that I will give up now on is to go out to watch football, because always I decide to go to a pub to watch in the télé a match with my team, either Sporting or the Portuguese national team, this teams always lose. And today it was more the same. Me, Pajo, John, Mike and Paul all went to a Portuguese cafe to watch the Sporting against Barcelona, and the result it was again a miserable defeat for my colours.

But this made me stronger :) I am here already through the morning and quite happy :)

See you soon camaradas

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